Sunday, March 6, 2011

Street Fighter vs Deer...

Heard a lot about the danger of deer, and this morning I have my very own first hand encounter. Chilling on HW1 NB from Point Reyes at about 35mph to 40mph (I ride that road for MANY times, and on the faster section, usually MUCH MUCH faster), with full gear (Dainese leather suit, full face helmet, leather gloves, and Puma 1000 v3 boots). After downhill left-hander, and I was going up hill just about to get ready for the next deep right-hander, a small deer sudden jumped off from the left across to the right. It was so fast that I can't even react to it - deer head just crashed into my head light. My left leg hit the deer and I went down. Slided for about 30' up hill, and I was about 5' to 10' in front of the bike. I lose about 10 to 15 mins of memory and with the big dent on the back of my helmet, I think I got high-sided. The poor deer was at least 20' away from where I stopped. Dead.

Bike damage: Headlight and gauge are gone (about 30' away from stopping point). Left handle bar slider, left mirror, left lever, left foot control... everything on the left, plus tank and seat fairing.

Gear damage: Shoulder, left left, butt, left boot...and the helmet.

Me: In one piece - nothing broke. Major body pain - but compare to dead; I am not complaining.

Lesson to lean - SCAN!!! SCAN ahead, all the time and as far as I can. I told myself it is a f*cking suicidal deer and it wasn't much I can do about it. The result probably would be the same even if I ride the my slower bike... but deep down I think if I can go slowerrrr and scan furtherrrr... maybe, just maybe, I don't have to go down.

And yes, I know, I am a lucky dog. So lesson for everything - full gear all the time.

So here is the eye candy....
Dead deer... which almost kill me too!
Me 'resting'... and feeling lucky to be alive. Check out the slid marks!
Helpful Mr. CHP
De-headed beloved bike :(
New coated gas tank is a goner...
One the way.
My suit saved me! The Ti plate actually did something!
One strong impact
That's inside of my helmet. Without my helmet, this could be how my head look!!!


  1. Good to hear you survived this mate. I'm sure you'll get the bike up and running again in no time.

    Thanks for the reminder to scan scan and scan ahead and to wear full gear. It's all gear or no gear.

  2. OMG I hope you are looks like you land hard on your left side....

    Stupid deer and poor Street Fighter :(

  3. Glad to know you are all right. Heal up quick. Good tips..scan scan.. lesson learned for me.

  4. Glad to hear your ok, relax get better and hopefully you will be back on the road soon. Enjoy your blog.

  5. Thanks for all the best washes, and I am doing much better after a week. I didn't really rest much - and I am doing it since it actually helps me to get back in shape sooner. Today is exactly one week after my accident... and I am very happy to be alive =)