Saturday, June 8, 2013

My garage is finally comes together!

Finally put my garage together after 3 months since I moved to my new house. It's simple; but it has EVERYTHING I need - at least for now. Of cause I don't mind to add a dill bed or lathe machine =)

Sunday, September 2, 2012

Group pict before goodbye

Group pict before goodbye by Speedy ChungGroup pict before goodbye by Speedy ChungGroup pict before goodbye by Speedy Chung
Group pict before goodbye, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
It's time for group picture - it's time to said good-bye too. Hopefully the new owner will enjoy the Classic as much as I do! You will be missed!

Friday, August 10, 2012

New addition to my collection - 2007 1098s Tricolore

Solo backyard run, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
After a lot of thoughts and lobbying, finally decided to pull the trigger on 2007 Tricolore. As you may already know, it's limited edition - only 1013 made back in 2007 world wild. Not sure about what number is mine since the top triple was replaced by Speedymoto unit; but I think I can find out by sending the VAN to Ducati North America. She is one smooth lady - and goes mad once she passes 7k RPM. I can see myself riding her a lot in the coming years =)

Enough BS - More eye candies in my new blog here...

Arai Fiction & Dainese Torque Out Pro Air

Arai Fiction, originally uploaded by Speedy Chung.
Yip - it's time to add gear. Scored the Aria at MotoGP. I love the design of Fiction since I first saw it on Bike few months back. Finally scored a nice one in MotoGP Laguna Seca. The fitment, design, and air flow is THE BEST I EVER HAVE - yes, it's better than Shoei X-12 - and it's much lighter!
After almost 2yrs of usage, it's about time to retired Puma 1000 V3 boots. It's one of the best in the market - tons of protection, and it's just look great. My pair was crash-proofed too! I walk away in one piece in my last accident. But it's on the heavy side - and it's falling apart now. It's time for a new pair of boots. After a long search and with some help by Mike from D-Stone in San Francisco, I picked up this pair of Torque Out Pro Air at their Bi-Annual Sales event. Thank you Mike for the good boots and great price!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

CHP got me again! Can't believe this $hit happens again...

CHP got me... by Speedy Chung
Got pull over...
CHP got me... by Speedy Chung
That's me in the middle after all been said and done...
CHP got me..., a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
Well, there you go - passed on double yellow and Mr. CHP cough me red-handed. While all three of us standing there waiting for the tickets, three noobs on their 600s passed on double yellow at the same corner. While the officer wave them in for more tickets, they u-turn and flee - I can't believe my eyes! It's a single road in the area, and there isn't much place you can hide. Illegal U-turn at double yellow and flee from CHP? These kids must have an under-develop brain! Just when I was hoping Mr. CHP would chase these kids down, he just called for help and continues writing tickets - man, it must be my shitty day. So... waited and waited.... just when I about to give up all hope, Mr. CHP tell us that he going to give us a break - everyone get a fix-it ticket, ride slow, and GTFO! I was a lucky dog!!!

BTW, according to Mr. CHP, they did cough 2 out of 3 noobs on the way out. I guess it will be a big tickets for them... Lesson to learn: Pass on double when it's safe and no one see it :P and of cause, always respect authorities =)

And yes, I will go buy a lottery ticket tonight. Yeah!

Sunday, June 10, 2012

North Cal Sunday easy ride

North Cal easy ride by Speedy ChungNorth Cal easy ride by Speedy Chung
North Cal easy ride, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
After spending 3 weeks on the business trip in Asian, I finally have a much needed ride. Heading out to Marian area close to noon time at 80F - the weather just simply can't get any better. However HW1 was pack with tourists; end up I headed down to some non-so-popular routes - I was well rewarded with empty back roads with classic North Cal landscape. Man, can't tell you enough how much I lover California!

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Sunday Marine solo run

Sunday Marine solo run by Speedy Chung Sunday Marine solo run by Speedy Chung
Sunday Marine solo run, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
Finally the weather stabilizes, and it was dry enough to push a bit on the open roads. Feel like we get into classic summer like condition without the heat: foggy in the early morning hours around the coast, and clear up at noon time. A bit cold in the morning; but I am not complaining - it felt so nice to ride!

Monday, April 9, 2012

Fun Easter morning Tomales Bay run

The warm weather returned and it's time for a fun Sunday morning get-away. Went out with my friend and his BMW F800GS. It's a fully loaded good looking bike, and able to keep up with my Streetfrighter well! Maybe, just maybe, I would look into Eur bike... MTS1200?

Hope you enjoy the ride!

Thursday, March 22, 2012

New rearsets!

New rearsets! by Speedy ChungNew rearsets! by Speedy ChungNew rearsets! by Speedy ChungNew rearsets! by Speedy Chung
New rearsets!, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
I was pretty happy with my old Ebay rearsets - it was strong, well made, and cheap. But there few were draw-backs: the rest of the adjustments were meaningless to me, and it is a bit too 'wide' due to the double layers of thick aluminum. I have been looking for some time for replacement; but nothing came close to what I had before with the low price point. Unit last week I came across this rearsets. It's sold by Bohemian Racing here in Oakland, and It looks ALMOST EXACTLY like Sato's rearsets - design, finishes, hardware etc. But cost 1/3 of that's Sato asks for. You know, if it's a direct / close copy with that low of a price - it can't go wrong! So after a few clicks the rearsets were on the way.

Shipping was fast and package was nice. The quality of the reartsets and related parts were really good - all the movement had bearing installed, and all the parts were packed individually. Instruction and part list was clear, and the installation itself was a piece of cake. BTW, it came with EVERYTHING you need - that's one hell of a deal!!!

I specifically ask for silver color pegs. It's easier for cleaning but it probably looks better if it's all black. I may change it later... but so far I love the new rearsets! The only complain is the boot guard - the original one is too small too short. It just happens that I can just re-use my old boot guard. It looks great IMO. Can't wait to put her on the road... =)

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Happy solo ride - Tomales Bay run

Another great ride!!! The weather stays really nice and dry, and it's hard not to go out and enjoy it!

Saturday, March 3, 2012

Nice weather in North Cal - low 70's in early March!

Oh yeah - I know you guys from mid-west probably drooling all over. Believe me, it's not normal - we have a extremely dry winter in California. Rain season usually starts at late November, and usually last unit April. But so far this year we have only a few storm systems passed through the area. The dry weather translates into good business for motorcycle dealerships, shops, and gear stores. All the shops I know of stay pretty busy throughout the 'low season'. As a rider, I just keep hitting the roads and enjoying the warm sunshine.... =)

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Weekday solo run - Tomales Bay

Weekday solo run - Tomales Bay by Speedy Chung
Qucik stop after lunch
Weekday solo run - Tomales Bay by Speedy Chung
Beautiful day!
Weekday solo run - Tomales Bay by Speedy Chung
View of San Francisco downtown and 2 bridges
Weekday solo run - Tomales Bay, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
Well... there is nothing new in my 'usual' route. The only different were... the weather was super nice, and it was free of cars and cop!!! The road was pretty empty, and even if there were cars, usually were someone who knows where to go and knows what to do. It was a huge plus - It's not the first time people driving while looking at map or GPS, and almost ran into me.

Funny thing was I almost end up with a tow truck. My rear wheel was locked up while I was going uphill. I will fill in the details in next post.... stay tune!

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dry clutch deep clean

Ducati dry clutch deep clean by Speedy Chung
Rusty and dirty
Ducati dry clutch deep clean by Speedy Chung
Cleaned and lubed
Ducati dry clutch deep clean by Speedy Chung
Speedymoto has some nice details!
Ducati dry clutch deep clean by Speedy Chung
Done cleaning! Time to put it back!
Ducati dry clutch deep clean, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
It was a wonderful quiet night to spend time alone with my bikes. After 4K mile, it's time to do some deep cleaning. The clutch plates and basket both look pretty new; but the dry clutch cover, pressure plate, and the first clutch plate are cover with clutch dust and rust. It's just cosmetics - but just like other motorcycle enthusiast, we always activity look for thing to do or add with no reason... I hope you enjoy the garage time as much as I do.

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Replacement Gloves - Dainese Full Metal Pro

Replacement Gloves - Dainese Full Metal Pro by Speedy Chung
Close up
Replacement Gloves - Dainese Full Metal Pro by Speedy Chung
Start from the right: Full Metal Pro 2011; Full Metal Pro 2009; Ignition 2010; and 4 Storks 2011

Replacement Gloves - Dainese Full Metal Pro, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
It's all started about 3 months ago when the weather still nice and warm - I found a small hole at the right palm of my Full Metal Pro leather glove. At the end of the 3rd season after more than 3 yrs of ownership, it's normal to have some wear and tear. I just wanted to fix it - seriously, I love the Full Metal Pro - it's soft, light weight, full of protection, and the best is, IT FITS ME LIEK MY SECOND SKIN. So I bought back to D-Store in San Francisco and asking for help. Mike from D-store told me that the hole is not located at a normal tear location so I may need to pay for repair if the warranty didn't cover the repair cost; but they will process it anyway. I was completely fine with it - all I want is get it fixed...

So after 3 months of waiting (sounds long but it's normal for warranty work. Due to the weather change, it too cold to use the Full Metal Pro anyway so it's OK for the wait), Mike called saying that a new pair of glove is waiting for me! It feels like Christmas all over again =) Thank you D-Store for their excellent service; and thank you Dainese to stand with their products once again.

Sunday, December 11, 2011

Escape ride

Escape ride - rest stop by Speedy Chung
Escape ride - rest stop by Speedy Chung
Escape ride - rest stop by Speedy Chung

Escape ride - rest stop, a photo by Speedy Chung on Flickr.
It was another successful escape ride! The weather was a bit cold in 50s but the sky was clear and roads were dry - we had enough time for a short oyster run. We planned to do some photo shooting but it was a bit late. But the video turn out great with the low sun angle. Stay tune for more and better picture in next meet!